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Scientific Coordinator 

Email: giulio.greco@unipi.it
Tel:050 2216286


Administrative Staff 

Luca Cesarano
Caterina Virgilio 
E-mail: dottoratoeam@ec.unipi.it
Tel:050 2216469-435


The Phd in Business Administration and Management is jointly organized by the Universities of Pisa, Firenze and Siena. Our Universities have strong research culture and more than 30 years of experience in organizing phd courses.

The Phd course is a three-year course providing doctoral students with the opportunity to become members of an international active and integrated community of researchers, interacting with distinguished faculty members. 

Each doctoral student is allocated one or two dedicated supervisors who will guide their research and foster their development as academic researchers, starting from the first year.

 The Phd course structure offers comprehensive research training, including intensive methodology courses, courses in the core topics of the business administration and management and development workshops. Specifically: 

  • Research methodology courses are worth 4 CFUs and last 24 hours (6 hours per CFU);
  • Courses on specific topics are worth 2 CFUs and last 12 hours (6 hours per CFU)


Among the disciplines taught, we have: Financial Accounting, Management Accounting, Auditing, Management Control, Marketing, International Management, Organization studies, Corporate Governance, Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management.  

The University of Pisa offers Phd scholarships, comprising tuition fees and maintenance worth 15.343 euro per year. Further funding for research activities are provided upon request.

The course is designed to prepare the doctoral students for the academic job market. Scholarships dedicated to applied researchers in partner firms and organizations also allow doctoral students accessing the private companies and consulting firms job market.