The selection of candidates for the PhD program in Business Administration and Management takes place through an admission competition divided into the following phases:

• online registration;

• payment of the application fee;

• digital uploading of your resume and a research project.

The competition announcement, generally, is published in July.

The competition is based on the evaluation of the candidate's CV, the research project presented and an additional interview.


Curriculum evaluation

The curriculum must be uploaded exclusively by digital upload, in the online registration phase for the competition. It must relate to the university and non-university educational path, the professional and research experiences. Also, it is advisable to transmit any document considered useful for the purposes of discussing the curriculum itself.

Research project

The research project must be uploaded during the online registration form for the competition and it will be evaluated together with the curriculum and illustrated during the interview, so as to bring out the candidate's research design capacity. The research project should cover one of the following thematic areas:

• Accounting History

• Auditing

• Business Valuation and Value Creation

• Corporate Governance

• Corporate Social Responsibility

• Cost Management

• Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management

• Financial Analysis

• Financial Reporting

• Intellectual Capital

• International Accounting

• Management Control Systems

• Management Information Systems

• Marketing Management

• Organization Behavior

• Organization Theory

• Public Accounting and Public Governance

• Public Management

• Strategy

• System Dynamics


The interview will focus not only on the verification of knowledge, but also on the discussion of the curriculum, on the verification of the aptitude for research, on the willingness to spend a period of study abroad and on one's own interests in scientific research. In the interview the candidate must demonstrate good economic and business knowledge and ability to use spoken and written English.



Admission requirements

Candidate must be in possession of a Master’s degree (n.b.: the suitability of the foreign qualification is ascertained by the examining commission or by the teaching committee of the course). The qualification required for access to the course must be achieved by October 31st prior to the start of the course. The doctoral candidate admitted in "supernumerary" must obtain the degree by the enrollment date.

It is important to remember that the foreign qualification must be translated and legalized by the Italian Representative and accompanied by a "declaration of value".

The suitability of the foreign qualification is ascertained by the examining commission or by the teaching committee of the course.

Documents and Info

The information presented here is for guidance only. For detailed information and documents related to the competition announcement, please refer to the following page: