Program Description


The three years PhD Program in Business Administration and Management is structured as follow: 


First and Second Year

During the first two years, doctoral students will have to attend the lessons proposed within the PhD program.

Lessons start in November and are developed in 22 modules, which include two-day frontal teaching activities for each module (14-28 hours). Below, the list of activated teaching modules:  


  • Courses on research methodology:


-       Qualitative research methods (Prof. Dalli e Prof. Riccaboni)

-       Quantitative research methods (Prof. Greco)

-       Statistics (Prof.ssa Neri)

-       Historical Method (Prof. Di Pietra)


  • Accounting courses:


-       International accounting (Prof. Di Pietra)

-       Cost Management (Prof. Giannetti)

-       Management Information Systems (Prof. Castellano)

-       Management Control systems (Prof. Riccaboni e Prof.ssa Maraghini)

-       Financial Reporting (Prof. Allegrini)

-       Financial Analysis (Prof. Giunta)

-       Business Valuation and Value creation (Prof. Gonnella) Intellectual capital (Prof. Liberatore)

-       Public Accounting and Public Governance (Prof. Mussari) 


  • Management & Organization Courses:


-       Auditing (Prof. D’Onza)

-       Corporate Governance (Prof. Ciappei)

-       Organization Theory (Prof.ssa Bonti)

-       Organization Behaviour (Prof. Cavaliere)

-       System Dynamics (Prof. Bernabè)

-       Marketing Management (Prof. Aiello)

-       Entrepreneurship & Innovation (Prof. Zanni)

-       Strategy (Prof. Bianchi Martini)


  • Further seminars


-       How to get published (Prof.ssa Giuliani) 


Thought modules can be held at the University of Pisa at the Department of Economics and Management or at the University of Florence at the DISEI (Department of Sciences for Economics and Business), and the University of Siena at the Department of Business and Law. 

Each module is organized so as to guarantee at least the following:

  • a review of the national and international literature on the contents of the relevant thematic area;
  • at least one intervention to illustrate the research methods used to carry out empirical analyses on the specific research field, i.e. providing concrete examples of articles published in specific journals of that thematic area;
  • the presence of Italian or foreign speakers who have published in national / international journals.

The activities of the first two years also include:

• participation in seminars on topics relevant to the doctorate in Business Administration and Management;

• participation in national and international conferences and / or Summer Schools.


Third Year


During the third year, doctoral students will be able to devote themselves to the development of their own research activity aimed at preparing the doctoral thesis. A period of stay abroad of at least 6 months is also required, with the aim to expand opportunities for collaboration with international researchers.

During the last year it is also suggested to attend conferences and seminars for the presentation of the first results and research products, as well as participation in Summer Schools in order to acquire more knowledge on the qualitative and quantitative methodologies to be adopted in the context of research activities.